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Everytime the kid sees his mother leave he runs to the door and cries loudly for three hours (or until she gets back). It’s a different cry because you can hear him yelling just to be heard, like he’s calling his mother from afar. He doesn’t stop crying until she gets back. Non stop.- Loud fucking crying. I am blowing my head with a gun this has been my past 4 weeks. If I ever had any doubs about having kids, well, they’re gone, fuck kids.

Most of what comes out of a kid has at one point been put into it by a parent.

So if a kid is crying more than average, please don’t blame the kid.

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when people ask ridiculously vague language related questions with no context.




‘how long does it take to learn a language?’


‘what language is the best for job prospects?’


‘which language is the easiest to learn?’


“which is more useful, chinese or arabic?”


And the last but not the least:

But why have you chosen Swedish (or name any other not so popular language) to learn?

Or “What are you ever going to do with [insert any language]?”
I guess communicating with people whose languages I speak is an option…

Punch them.

Punch them in the face.

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So I was writing the Chinese word 加油 (it’s an exclamation of encouragement) in my notebook and the only really fitting thing I could think of to write as its meaning was the Japanese word ‘ganbatte’. 

I should probably pick up Japanese again one day

(Also fun fact: 加油 literally means “add gasoline” as in “refuel” but to me it sounds a little as if you’re threatening to set people on fire)

(Oh it can also mean “lubricate” apparently)

(This just keeps getting better and better)

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'Growing up with Chinese' just keeps getting better and better, now it has a teenage dude with a Hello Kitty t-shirt

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Anonymous said: Why are so many Tumblr linguists raging leftists?



Why do you overgeneralize anonymously without anything even remotely resembling facts?

equalssquarebracket hat gesagt:
 I like to think its true (not the anon).

I can’t speak for (the) others, but for me it’s “raging” because I cannot stay calm when I read/watch the news. 

I cannot fathom why so many people think it’s an insult to call someone “a person who cares about society and wants to improve it”, because that’s basically it. 

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it bothers me that Kansas and Arkansas are not pronounced the same

I’m from the UK and I have been pronouncing Arkansas as Ar-Kansas my whole life

For all my non-american friends, Arkansas is pronounced ark-an-saw

I found this out watching “The Stand”. I was absolutely delighted.

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So far the smiling lady in the suit is my favourite character on ‘Growing up with Chinese’

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A map of countries that voted on the UNHRC issue of whether to investigate Israel for war crimes. [x]
I used this tool to help make this map. Disclaimer: it’s a free online tool for making a map of the countries you’ve visited.